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12 Sep 2022

Hi there and welcome to my blog.

My name is Dylan and I am a Senior DevEx Engineer at Azenix based out of Melbourne Australia.

The Back Story - Abridged

I have been in the IT industry for 7 years.

I have worked across the health and financial services industries initially as a developer writing Crystal Reports then moving into full stack development using the .NET framework and .NET core.

Along the way I asked the question, how does our code get into production, and where does that all run?

This question lead me down the path of DevOps Engineering, during this time I started to learn about IT infrastructure, both on-premise and cloud. I quickly moved from doing deployments manually via file copy to automation scripts.

Simple automation didn’t last long as I started to learn more about Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, improving the development processes by introducing git and git flow and starting to look into this cool thing called Kubernetes.

Once I had seen the light of Kubernetes and Containerization the world of never the same to me. I had to put everything in containers, I started to see the spaces where Kubernetes could be used to improve not just the running applications but also the development experience as well.

Outside of work

So aside from work, I am an avid space nerd, I enjoy watching rocket launches as well as trying my hand at astrophotography.

I also enjoy gaming, both online as well as board games and a bit of D&D when I can get together with my group.

Music of preference can depend on the day and time but usually, it is something in the Rock or Metal genres, I do enjoy seeing music live and it has been something that I have greatly missed over the last few years.

Where to contact me

I am trying to be more active in the tech community so feel free to reach out to me if you would like to talk about anything I post on this blog, my socials are in the links on the home page.